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Environmental Services

Air Pollution Control Measures and Monitoring

Air / Stack Monitoring

AESPL offers a wide variety of services concerning Air sampling and Monitoring. Our services include Monitoring of Stack Emissions and Ambient Air Quality and workplace monitoring. Depending on the parameters, air monitoring is directly done on site or analysis is carried out in our "State of the Art" laboratory.

AESPL is well equipped with sophisticated and versatile analytical instruments and having updated technology for various analytical applications in the field of environment.

Monitoring and Testing of Stack Emissions

Air / Stack MonitoringAccurate monitoring of Stack Emissions is very important for regulatory and process control requirements. Under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990, all industrial processes must regularly monitor their emissions from chimney stacks, ventilators or other means. These emissions monitoring and measurement requires the use of correct equipment by trained professionals.

AESPL is engaged in monitoring and measurements of stack emissions by correct choice of usage methods, equipment and sampling location etc., Stack Emissions Monitoring services are undertaken by utilizing current IS (BIS), ISO, USEPA methods in order to provide data for submission to State Pollution Control Board and regulatory bodies

Parameters commonly covered by our stack emissions monitoring:

  • Suspended Particulate Matter(PM10μg/m3 & PM2.5μg/m3), SOx, NOx, Lead, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone
  • Carbon Dioxide, Hydro Carbons, Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Benzene, Benzo Pyrene, Arsenic, Nickel
  • Acid Gases, Fluoride, Ammonia , etc.