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Industrial Waste water Treatment

Industrial Waste water TreatmentIndustrial wastewater contains a diversity of impurities and therefore for this reason alone, its treatment constitutes a special task. Furthermore, the emission limits for industrial effluent are constantly being tightened up. Closed circuits and product recovery in various production processes are becoming an increasing priority among manufacturing companies.

AESPL has long-term experience in the industrial wastewater treatment sector. The resulting expertise is advantageously employed for the technical and economic optimization of every subsequent facility. The treatment process may contain mechanical, biological and chemical physical process steps.

Physio- Chemical Treatment

  • Oil removal systems using DAF / API / CPI separators.
  • Neutralization & Primary sedimentation.
  • Grit removals

Biological Anaerobic Treatment

  • UASB

Tertiary Treatment

  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Disinfections

Biological Aerobic Treatment

  • Activated Sludge Process using Surface and Diffused Aeration
  • Trickling Filter using stone or plastic media.
  • Fixed film reactors

Advanced Treatment [For Recycle & Reuse]

  • Ultra / Micro Filtration, Reverse Osmosis